• Pumpkin Carving Contest


    Join us to carve some pumpkins for this very special Halloween event!

  • Darrel Guilbeau


    Darrel Guilbeau is a Los Angeles based actor who began voice acting in 2004. He has voiced the lead roles of Gainer Sanga in Overman King Gainer and Ichitaka Seto in I"s and I"s Pure. Click for more info!!

  • Lisle Wilkerson


    Lisle has been featured in such big franchises as Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Virtual Fighter, Gitaroo Man. She is probably most well-known for her work in the Tekken franchise where she is the voice of Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro, and Zafina. More Information here!!

  • Preston Cowley


    Preston Cowley, a Denver native, grew up fascinated with video games, animation, and voice acting. While studying for his animation degree at Brigham Young University, he also studied voice acting, under Christopher Robin Miller (Professor Layton) to hone his skills. More Information here!!

  • Tonya Adolfson


    Tanglwyst de Holloway, aka Tonya Adolfson, teaches panels on everything from making your own patterns to basic armor creation, from character creation to proper flirting. She's been a professional costumer since 1988 and has worked in the costume shops of Southern Utah University and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. To find out more follow this link.

  • Christopher Escalante


    Christopher Escalante is a media music composer and conductor looking to start his career in video game music.Christopher has studied and learned from many prominent composers including Hans Zimmer, Gerard K. Marino, Bruce Broughton, Bear McCreary, Sean Beeson, Elia Cmiral, Sam Cardon, and many others. More Info here!!

  • Steve "Warky" Nunez


    Steve Nunez, aka Warky T. Chocobo, grew up playing video games, first on his commodore 64, and eventually at the ripe age of 5, playing Nintendo. Steve taught himself to play the piano without using his thumbs. Since then, he has played and sang many conventions including I-con in New York, Anime Banzai in Utah, Otakon in Maryland & all Animeland Shows. Check out more about Steve here!!


Friday was awsome

Friday was amazing and we hope to see even more people and great cosplays as we roll into Saturday. If you havn’t come out yet, please come check everything out!

The schedule is up!!

Click here to check it out here!!

The hotel has changed & a few more updates

An official email detailing the switch and how to move your reservations has gone out to all pre-reg and newsletter subscribers. I am also putting a link here for any who are interested in the information!

click here

Also listed below are the prices for on-site registration:

Single Day:
Friday -$10
Saturday – $25
Sunday – $10

2-day passes – $35
Weekend passes – $40


Animeland Remonedo will now be at the Doubletree Hotel. Same dates (October 28-30, 2011), just a new place. We apologize for the change in venue. You can cancel your reservation at the Ramada Inn now and until Friday the October 28th at 6pm AT NO COST & NO PENALTY. We now have a $69.99 rate, which is cheaper at this new hotel. All information for booking is listed below. WE ARE STILL DOING FREE PASSES WITH ALL HOTEL ROOM RESERVATIONS. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Great Deals for convention weekend

The room block for animeland has been extended to allow more rooms to get the free pass promotion.

If you have already booked or where thinking of booking a hotel room with The DOUBLETREE for the whole weekend then you’re in luck because we are offering a full weekend pass for all registered guests of the room (limit 4 guests per room). This saves you and any people you where thinking of rooming with your preciously saved convention money so that you can fan out and buy that plushie you always wanted, or you can save it…but that’s up to you!

We also have our great deals on the Dorms package. If you are not familiar with our dorms this package includes 3 days of meals, a hotel room, and a weekend pass for only $99 per person. All details can be found on the dorms form page here! and you can also contact the dorm duchess strait from there with any of your questions.